Sophie Dyer
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Persistence of Type


20 June – 9 August 2015
Tramway, Glasgow

An exhibtion in collaboration with Maeve Redmond and Fiona Jardine. Commissioned, produced and curated by Panel.

The Persistence of Type explores exchanges between graphic design, visual art, fiction and historical advertising.

Photos courtesy of Keith Hunter. Supported by Tramway and Creative Scotland.

x2 4-sheet screenprints
1016mm x 1524mm

The Persistence of Type texts, installation view and 4-sheet screenprint,
1016mm x 1524mm

Inside out school

A Feral Studio

‘Inside outside school’ is a school within a school, its existence; temporary, unstable and conflicted. We use these tensions to explore the relationship between teaching and learning, students and educators, inside and outside art school. What shapes our education and why? How can we affect our learning?

A project with Toni Brell, Rosie Eveleigh, Solveig Suess and Thom Swann. Hosted by A Feral Studio

Original photo by Valentina Mosetti (October 2010) Clusters of old beds and chairs close to the remains of an old psychiatric hospital in Gorizia, Italy.