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Parallel School Glasgow


More information a Wikipedia page as documentation
of the Glasgow school to come soon. LEFT parallel wifi-tagger, courtesy of RP

Parallel School Glasgow

Day 1

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Tomorrow is always too long

The Common Guild

‘Tomorrow Is always too long’, is a new work by the artist, Phil Collins.
The work was commissioned by The Common Guild gallery and is part
of Common Wealth Games Festival of Culture 2014.

The film will be presented on the 19 July 2014 in Queen's Park, Glasgow.
Design in collaboration with Sebastian Kalvik and Maeve Redmond.
Photo by Tian Khee Siong


Exhibition circular

Kelly was an exhibition produced under the conditions of shared authorship
and is the work of artists; Allison Gibbs, Jennifer Bailey, Tessa Lynch and Þorgerður Ólafsdóttir’s.