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Poster series

A series of nine posters created in collaboration with the designer, Maeve Redmond, and poet, Anthony Autumn. Focusing on the currency of public
space, the posters will occupy commercial advertising sites during the
Merchant City Festival in Glasgow.

Above, cropped sections of three posters, set in Marianne.

Catch Phrases, Catch Images


A screening of the short film 'Catch Phrases, Catch Images: A conversation between Harun Farocki and Vilém Flusser', followed by a discussion moderated by Neil McGuire. Questioning the position of image, type and typologies within mass media, through the lens of graphic design.

'Schlagworte, Schlagbilder. Eine Gespräch mit Vilém Flusser' (1986) was screened with the kind permission of the Harun Farocki Foundation.

Photo Alan Dimmick

Persistence of Type


20 June – 9 August 2015
Tramway, Glasgow

An exhibition in collaboration with Maeve Redmond and Fiona Jardine. Commissioned, produced and curated by Panel.

The Persistence of Type explores exchanges between graphic design, visual art, fiction and historical advertising.

Photos Keith Hunter, Alan Dimmick. The project was supported by Tramway
and Creative Scotland.

4-sheet screenprints
1016mm x 1524mm

The Persistence of Type broadsheet, installation view and 4-sheet screenprint,
1016mm x 1524mm