Sophie Dyer is a designer and researcher.

As a freelancer (medieval mercenary) she specialises in visual, open source, and human rights-based investigations.

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Airwars: Radical Listening

Day-long workshop on open source tools and techniques. Led with Hanna Rullman.
(May 2019)
Het Nieuwe Instituut
#documentary #human-rights #open-source

A practical introduction to combining crowd and open source intelligence to report civilians deaths in war by working with open sources methods and materials. The focus will be the recent investigation by Airwars and Amnesty into civilian harm during the battle to retake Raqqa from the so-called Islamic State. We will look into social media as a source of reporting, try out geolocation and satellite image analysis all via public platforms. In the afternoon session we will experiment with the different ways (narrative, visual, spatial) open source research can be mobilised to tell new stories beyond war reporting.