Sophie "Soph" Dyer is a transdisciplinary researcher, designer, and sometime writer.

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Radio Techno Fossil: This is an image borne on radio

Spoken text commissioned for the radio broadcast produced in collaboration with Eline Benjaminsen, Sasha Engelmann and
(July 2018)
Witte de With
Den Haag and Rotterdam
#archives #speculative-storytelling

What began as a photograph of the Earth’s techno-geographies, is now textured by the electromagnetic conditions of the planet. An image borne of radio waves. An anti-pattern, a trace fossil.

At 0.2 Hz, scientists in the Finnish arctic listen for Very Low Frequencies that index industrial, military and cosmic activity. At 3 – 30 GHz the radio relays of financial traders converge and compete for lines-of-sight at the French port of Calais. At 2.4 GHz an NGO prototypes Wi-Fi kits for use in European refugee camps and by sea rescue vessels. This is a politics of radio. A parallel wireless world, modulated by intergovernmental treaties, corporate monopolies, ionospheric conditions, and the radio-active cycles of our Sun.