Sophie "Soph" Dyer is a transdisciplinary designer, researcher and sometime writer. They co-lead the feminist collective, open-weather.

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Reactive video investigation into a cluster munitions attack in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Producer for the visual investigation conducted over the three days after reports emerged of a Russian attack on a residential area of North Kharkiv.
(March 2022)
Amnesty International

Producer for the reactive visual investigation conducted by Amnesty International’s Evidence Lab during the three days after an alleged Russian attack using cluster munitions in a residential area of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The modelling combined video obtained from open sources with witness testimony to locate reports of civilian fatalities and measure the footprint of the rocket attack.

The multimedia investigation was used in reporting by Vox in a video that received 1.6 million views and Radio France, amongst others.

More information: On 28 February 2022 at approximately 12:30 local time – around the same time that peace talks were beginning at the border with Belarus – the apparent indiscriminate attack in North Kharkiv killed at least four civilians, including a child and three people collecting drinking water. At least 16 more people were injured. Amnesty International’s reconstruction is based on verified videos and witness testimonies. A verified image, first acquired by Bellingcat, shows the attack included Russian-manufactured 300mm Smerch rockets with 9N235 cluster munitions. The 2019 manufacture date, after Russia stopped selling these arms to Ukraine, indicates that the attack was launched by Russia.

3D modelling by Martyna Marciniak.

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