Sophie "Soph" Dyer is a transdisciplinary designer, researcher and sometime writer. They co-lead the feminist art, tech and pedagogy collective, open-weather.

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Open-weather takes part in Sonic Acts

Performative talk and one-day workshop in collaboration with Sasha Engelmann for the biennial's Leaving Traces symposium.
(October 2022)
Sonic Acts
Leaving Traces Symposium
#archives #open-weather #participatory-works #storytelling

For the Sonic Acts, open-weather presented the project ‘When I image the earth, I imagine another’ and held a day-long ‘DIY Satellite Ground Station Workshop’ on the waterfront.

In our talk, we used speculative fiction to explore “what’s at stake” for the project, travelled through the COP26 nowcast and proposed a “fractal grammar” for images of earth, foregrounding the different modes of being that are performed in satellite imagery, field notes and bodies.

Thank you to the more than one hundred DIY hundred ground stations operators to whom open-weather belongs; Olivia Bercowicz for being our voice from the future; Teresa Cos for mixing the sound; and Golrokh Nafisi for illustrating our story.

Warmest thanks to Mirna Belina, Margarita Osipian, Roos Duijnstee, Sebastian Frisch, Michela Trovato, Zareena Ackbar, Oleg Khadartsev, Zhanna Gulenko, Alice Johnston Rougeaux and Viktoria Douka-Doukopolou for hosting and supporting us at Sonic Acts.

Documentation by Sonic Acts.

The COP26 nowcast was created in collaboration with Rectangle. Open-weather is co-led by Sasha Engelmann and Sophie Dyer.