Sophie "Soph" Dyer is a transdisciplinary researcher, designer, and sometime writer.

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The Miraculous

Text-and-architecture experiment with Maeve Redmond and the American writer and critic, Raphael Rubinstein.
(June 2016)
Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

In an text-and-architecture experiment Sophie Dyer and Maeve Redmond worked with the New York-based poet and critic Raphael Rubinstein to transpose short narratives from his book, The Miraculous, into an installation that permeates the spaces of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.

Episodes, both legendary and obscure, taken from the artistic avant-garde from the last five decades will reside along studio corridors, within communal spaces and on exterior walls, relocating a range of historic and contemporary artworks onsite via the imaginative space of writing.

Commission by Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and curated by Peter Amoore on the occasion of Edinburgh Art Festival 2016.