Sophie "Soph" Dyer is a transdisciplinary researcher, designer, and sometime writer.

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Open work, second body

Performance in collaboration with Sasha Engelmann, ft. Daisy Hildyard.
(May 2020)
#open-weather #participatory-works #speculative-storytelling

Open Work, Second Body is a live-stream performance with Sasha Engelmann, in collaboration with author Daisy Hildyard.

From the climate crisis to coronavirus: what are the tools we need to make sense of events unfolding on vastly disparate scales? Through spoken word, field recordings and radio reception of two satellite images, the work probes the porous boundaries between our bodies, local atmospheres and weather systems.

The work was commissioned by Soundcamp and performed twice on 2 May 2020 on the occasion of Reveil 2020. Sound design by Jol Thoms.