Sophie Dyer is a designer and researcher.

As a freelancer (medieval mercenary) she specialises in visual, open source, and human rights-based investigations.

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Airwars: Lessons Learned From the International Fight Against the So-Called Islamic State

Report on the US-led Coalition's public reporting of civilian harm during the territorial war against the so-called Islamic State, in Iraq and Syria, co-written with Chris Woods.
(March 2019)
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Civilian harm claims against the US-led Coalition averaged nearly 16 alleged deaths per day over the four and a half year war against the so-called Islamic State. Yet, it would be over two years before a standardised procedure for submission, assessment and publication emerged.

Co-authored with Airwars’ director, Chris Woods, the report is an initial evaluation of the US-led Coalition’s public reporting of civilian harm throughout the territorial war against the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Its 25 recommendations are drawn from Airwars work with Operation Inherent Resolve’s Civilian Harm Team since December 2016 and prior to that with CENTCOM. During the conflict, Airwars became the Civilian Harm Team’s primary external source, accounting for over two-thirds of allegations and one-fifth of “Credible” assessments.

Co-written with Airwars director, Chris Woods.

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