Sophie Dyer is a designer and researcher.

As a freelancer (medieval mercenary) she specialises in visual, open source, and human rights-based investigations.

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Inside Out School

Co-organiser of a two day workshop on radical pedagogy in art and design: its histories, spatial strategies and what it asks of us.
(December 2014)
A Feral Studio
Communication Design BA, The Glasgow School of Art

Inside Out assembled in the corridors of the newly built School of Design in December 2014. Working with final year design students, our aim was to explore the tensions present within institutional education, more precisely, the tensions which exist between inside and outside art school. The activities we planned were intended to create discussion by manifesting these tensions in a series of symbolic and functional acts. The most basic of these was the displacement of work from the classroom into the corridors of the school. Chairs, tables and other objects were then assembled, modified and combined to create temporary partitions, seating and general infrastructure for the afternoon’s working groups. The idea of conflict as a methodology, as discussed by Markus Miessen and Chantal Mouffe, was a key reference, as were past pedagogical projects such as The Antiuniversity and Hidden Curriculum by Annette Krauss, amongst others.

See the publication here.